Pride in being a part of your professional organization The Army Engineer Association brings together a wide variety of Engineers through Individual and corporate memberships. Thank you for joining AEA and demonstrating your commitment to supporting the Engineer Regiment and their families.


There is a difference between being part of team and leading within it.  Being a true Army Engineer carries some responsibilities – regardless of rank.  It demands you constantly improve your skill and that you share your experiences and learn from others along the way.  It requires you stay connected with other engineers and industry to better understand today’s challenges and where the future may hold.  Army Engineers are unique family with an incredible shared history.  AEA helps you get the most out of your career as an Army Engineer and be a LEADER WITHIN OUR PROFESSION.


We are so committed to the future of Army Engineers that MEMEBERSHIP IS FREE for those in their first 2 years as an Army Engineer.

Individual and Supporting Form Memberships are available.

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Army Engineer Magazine

Our magazine provides original content on projects from the Corps, tactical and technical challenges from engineer tactical field forces, our Industry Partners, as well as interesting historical and current features. It is published four times per year and is available digitally for all members. Paid subscriptions to receive paper copies of the magazine are available.

Career Opportunities

A career in the Army develops integrity, responsibility and perseverance — qualities that appeal to employers in the civilian world. Many employers have recruiters who look specifically for candidates with military backgrounds. These companies understand that service members are prepared with the best possible training and work ethic and make an effort to employ those who have served.

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AEA is mailing 10 paper copies of each magazine to every EN BN and above in the US Army. IS your unit getting theirs? If not, CDR/CSM need to email [email protected] to confirm their unit mailing address.