How to Contact AEA

  1. AEA has two offices, HQs  in VA and Regimental Operations at  FLW MO.

Get in touch with us.

Executive Director

COL James "Jim" Rector, USA (Ret)
[email protected]
Office: 573-528-4742

Editor & Project Coordinator

Ms. Linda Mitchell
[email protected] [email protected]
Office: 703.428.7084

Director of Operations &
Business Manager

CSM John H. Rather, USA (Ret)
[email protected]
Voice: 573.329.6678

Office and Store Operations,
AEA Regt Awards

Membership & Educational Support

Ms. Alice Malasig
[email protected]
Voice: 573.329.6678

Regimental Store

SFC Robert S. Ybarra, USA ( Ret)
[email protected]
Voice: 573.305-4428 ( Cell)

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