How to Contact AEA

  1. AEA has two offices, HQs  in VA and Regimental Operations at  FLW MO.

Executive Director

COL James "Jim" Rector, USA (Ret)
[email protected]
Voice: 573-528-5757

Editor & Project Manager

Ms. Linda Mitchell
[email protected] [email protected]
Voice: 703.428.7084

Director of Operations &
Business Manager

CSM John H. Rather, USA (Ret)
[email protected]
Voice: 573.329.6678

Chief Information and Accounting Officer

Mrs. Sara Vaughn
[email protected]
[email protected]
Voice: 573.329.6678

Regimental Operations Manager

Ms. Alice Malasig
[email protected]
Voice: 573.329.6678

Regimental Store Manager

SFC Robert S. Ybarra, USA ( Ret)
[email protected]
Voice: 573.305-4428 ( Cell)

Get in touch with us.

  • Award inquiries should go to Mrs. Alice Malasig. She can be reached in the office Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 573-329-6678. All calls on Tuesday or Thursday should be directed to 573-937-9476. Emails should go to [email protected].
  • Store inquires should go to 573-305-4428 (Cell)  or emails to [email protected]
  • Magazine inquiries should go to  703-428-7084 or emails to [email protected]