Engineer Rally Point

Engineer Rally Point

When I took over as President of your Army Engineer Association, I committed to two things: 1) reconnecting with those we serve and 2) driving change so we better meet your needs. We conducted a series of virtual Town Halls and talked with Army Engineers across all Components, in tactical units and in USACE, with Commanders and CSMs, with junior leaders, and with our Industry partners. My thanks to all who participated and gave us candid feedback. We listened.  Essayons!


Upcoming Rally Point Registration

Date: Thursday 18 July 2024

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Future Rally Point Dates

18 JUL 24
20 SEP 24

Professional Dialog Forum:

Junior leaders want forums that promote a professional exchange of ideas among units, between components, and with industry on a range of current Army Engineer topics using live-virtual technologies that make learning from one another portable.

 AEA will begin hosting periodic live-virtual professional development forum via Zoom…think “TED Talks for Army Engineer” except more interactive because its live! The intent is to have a discussion by the Regiment for the Regiment focused on interest of junior and mid-career leaders. Topics will range from current tactical unit challenges, USACE projects of interest, emerging technologies…things you want to talk about. The focus will be twofold: 1) latest best practices by small unit leaders in meeting current warfighting challenges and 2) broadening leader perspectives on opportunities across the Army Engineer Profession.

AEA will advertise the Engineer Rally Point topics and session dates/times in advance and you can register on the AEA website at You can also recommend specific topics of interest…this is your forum! We will record the discussion and create a library for viewing later at your convenience. This is not a members-only service. It is open to all Army Engineers. To get us started, here are the first sessions topics and dates/times.


U.S. Army Engineers

solicit topics and feedback from regiment

These Rally Point events are based on your input and suggestions for relevant topics to improve the professional development of our leaders.  They are focused on the Company Grade portion of the Engineer Regiment .