Fallen and Wounded

Help Support Engineer Soldiers and Their Families

Memorial Wall

Thanks to financial support from generous donors, AEA funded the design, construction, and dedication of the Memorial Wall for Fallen Engineers at the “Sapper Grove” at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, home of the Army Engineer Regiment.

The wall was dedicated during the 2011 ENFORCE Conference on 6-9 April, 2011, in front of a large and representative crowd from across the Engineer Regiment, active and retired.


In 2019, the Engineer Regiment asked the AEA Board of Directors to modify the Memorial Wall Fund. The Army’s decision to no longer allow invitational travel orders for families of the Fallen Engineers placed a significant financial burden on these Fallen Engineer Gold Star families to attend the Fallen Sapper Ceremony at FLW during Engineer Regimental week.

We would like to Thank You for Your Support

Our Generous Memorial Wall Supporters


Alliant Techsystems, Inc. – ATK
BAE Systems
Black & Veatch Special Project Corps
Caterpillar Inc.
CH2M Hill, Inc.
Federal Contracts

Jacobs Engineering
Lindbergh & Associates, LLC
SKE International, Inc.
Society of American Military Engineers


1140th Engineer Battalion, MOARNG
116th Brigade Combat Team
130th Engineer Brigade
14th Engineer Battalion
16th Engineer Brigade (CS)
18th Engineer Brigade (CBT)
1st Engineer Battalion
1st Engineer Brigade
20th Engineer Brigade
20th Engineer Brigade Vietnam Veterans’ Reunion
326th Engineer Battalion
38th Engineer Company
458th Engineer Battalion

46th Engineer Battalion
4th Engineer Battalion
554th Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer Brigade
555 Engineer Brigade
585th Engineer Company (REV)
5th Engineer Battalion
697th Engineer Company Reunion Group
887 ESC
8th Engineer Battalion
91st Engineer Battalion
94th Engineer Battalion
9th Engineer Battalion (Combat)
Company (MRBC)

CPT Kelly D. Messerli & Soldiers 1438 Engineer
EALC 03-11
EBOLC Class 1-11
ECC 1-10
ECC 2-10
ECC 3-09
Gulf Region Division, USACE
I CORPS Engineer – AEA Rainier Chapter
NCOs of Engineer ALC & SLC
Office of the Chief of Engineers
USARCENT Engineers
Veterans of the 7th Engineer, 5th Div


LTC (Ret) Robert E Adamski
LTC Joseph Arcari
LTC Patricia Arcari
CPT Jean D. Archer
BG (Rel) Dale Barber
COL Rick Barrowman
LTC (Ret) Robert Bassler
COL (Ret) Carl Baswell
MG Jimmy F. Bates
lLT Annaliese M. Baumer
lLT Paul Bell
COL (Ret) John Booth
COL Joseph Briggs
SGM Earl Brown
COL Robert Brown
COL (Ret) Lloyd Brown
MAJ Jakob C. Bruhl
COL Margaret Williams Burcham
LTC Gary Calese
SPC Marcus Calloway
lSG (Ret) Anthony Campo

Mr Jacob Cannon
LTC Curtis Carney
MG Randal Castro
LTC (Ret) Herman Celosse
LTC Michael N. Clancy
COL (Ret) & Mrs. F. L. Clapp, Jr.
LTC (Ret) Michael Clarke
MSG Reginald Clayton
LTC Bryan Coleman
CPT John D. Collins
LTC (Ret) Richard Comiso
CW2 Timothy Conley
COL (Ret) Dave Colts
COL (Ret) Charles Cox
BG Paul E. Crandall
LTC (Ret) James W. Cumper
COL (Ret) Richard Curl
CPT Gary R. Cutler, Jr.
LTC Ronald Davidson
BG (Ret) Robert L. Davis
LTC John Mark Davis
Mr. Richard Davis
MAJ Zachariahs Delwiche
BG Scott F. Donahue
COL (Ret) Tom O’Donovan
LTC Dwaine Drummond
CSM (Rel) Raymond H. Dunkel
Mr. Aaron Dunn
Mr. Gregory Edgin

COL (Ret) Mike Ellicott
COL (Ret) Frank D. Ellis
LTC William Enicks
MAJ (Ret) William Farr
MAJ John Fasulo
MAJ Matthew Fitch
COL Larry Fulton
COL Garland Goodrich
COL William H. Graham
COL Arthur Gravatt
SFC (Ret) Toni Graves
COL Harold J. Greene
COL (Ret) Daniel Grey
COL (Ret) Daniel Grey
MG Robert Griffin
Mr. Keith Gudenkauf
1SG David Gustavsen
COL William Haight
Mr. James M. Hall
MG & Mrs. Paul F. Hamm
Mr. Michael Harper
LTC (Ret) Jeffery S. Harrison
LTG (Ret) Henry J. Hatch
lLT Bradley Heinley
LTC Richard Heitkamp
MAJ Christina Ann Hemberry
Mr. Seth Henson
MAJ (Ret) Ronald A Hess
LTC (Rel) Shawn Howley
COL (Ret) Thomas Hunter
LTG (Ret) Vaid Heiberg
Ill SFC Eric C. Johnson
CSM Joseph Menard, Jr.
LTC Joseph W. Jurkovac
BG (Ret) Paul Kavanaugh
MG (Ret) & Mrs. Sam Kem
Mr. Kenneth Kiel
LTC (Ret) Alan Kimball
LTC Patrick Kinsman
LTC Jason & Amy Kirk
Mr. Joseph Kolodziejski
COL (Ret) Dan Krueger
CSM Brian Ladlee
CPT Seth Laliberty
MAJ William D. Lash
COL Alan L. Laubscher
COL Jack LeCuyer
BG Robert Lee
COL (Ret) Anthony Leketa
BG (Ret) Michael LePeilbet

MAJ Kent J. Lightner
COL Samuel M. Ligo
CPT Kevin A. Loberg
COL Laura C. Loftus
MAJ (Ret) Marston D. Lovell
COL (Ret) James Lyles
2LT Christopher R. Lynch
CPT Jerrauld Ma
CPT Seth P. Madison
Mr. Richard Mahn
LTC (Ret) Leonard M. Manning, Sr. MG (Rel) & Mrs. Gregg Martin
LTC Steve Martinelli
CPT Robert P. “Beau” Mason
COL Stephen Massey
SFC Jeffrey A Matos
MAJ Kenneth McDonald
LTC Michael McGuire
COL (Ret) Robert J. Melchior
COL (Ret) Robert Melchior
LTC (Ret) Thomas Meler
COL Mark Meranda
SSG (Ret) Robert James Mercer
COL (Ret) Joseph Migneault
COL Joseph Migneault
Mr. Leon Miller
COL Tommy R. Mize
COL (Ret) Martin Moakler
CPT Randal Moon
BG Bruce Moore
LTC Robert Morgan
LTC (Ret) Harold Morgan
LTC (Ret) Robert Morris
COL (Ret) Michael Morrow
LTC (Ret) Richard Munson
MAJ Jeffrey B. Murphy
CSM (Ret) & Mrs. Julius Nutter
COL & Mrs. Jack O’Neill
COL (Ret) Timothy O’Rourke
LTC Richard Ott
CW5 (Ret) Scott Owens
SGT Thomas Parker
MG (Ret) John Peabody
LTC Natalie Pearson
LTC (Ret) Mark Potter
LTC Timothy J. Povich
LTC Richard A. Pratt
LTC Bryan Pratt
COL (Ret) Geoffrey Prosch
COL (Ret) Lee Pryor

MAJ Chad Ramskugler
Ms. Colleen Reiss
lSG (Ret) Donald K. Ritzert
COL Russell Robertson
COL Bill Rosing
COL James Rowan
COL James Rowan
MAJ Andre Schlappe
LTG (Ret) Daniel R. Schroeder
COL (Ret) Joseph Schweitzer
Mr. Brian Seguin
LTC (Ret) Stephen Shepard
COL (Ret) Robert Shields
COL Thomas P. Smith
Mr. Todd Stevens
SSG John E. Stump
MAJ James Sturm
COL (Ret) David Tarbox
MAJ Frank Tedeschi
LTC Frank Tedeschi
MG (Ret) & Mrs. Merdith Temple
CSM Richard Thalman
SGT Brent Thomas
LTC (Ret) Arthur G. Thompson
Mr. Russell Tillman
COL Robert A Tipton
COL (Ret) Barry N. Totten
Mr. Michael Towne
MSG Lam Tran
MAJ Michael J. Trofinoff
COL (Ret) William A Van Horn
LTC Charles Vincent
lSG Michael B. Vitale
COL (Ret) William S. Vogel
COL (Ret) Robert Wallace
COL Aaron Walter
BG (Ret) Bryan G. Watson
CPT Robert Webb
Mr. Frank Weinberg
CSM Robert Wells
COL Robert Whitehead
LTC Robert F. Whittle
2LT Rebecca Wilson
COL David Wong
COL Robert Wood
SFC Al Woodberry
BG (Ret) Roger Yankoupe
COL Thomas York
LTC Kirk J. Zecchini

Commemorative Print

This print recognizes the 150 Years ( 1868 to 2018) that the Corps of Engineers has been formed as a HQs hear in the Nations Capitol and taken on a wide variety of Missions for the Nation.

Regt Room

Adding your Unit Wall Plaques or Unit Colors to the Regt Room.