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Membership Benefits

While AEA supports the entire Engineer Regiment, Members of AEA are eligible to receive AEA awards, receive financial support to continue their education and discounts on purchases from the Regimental Store

  • Initial Term Engineer Soldier. 2yr Membership . Free to Soldiers who are graduating and entering the Engineer Regiment
  • There are even lower junior rates for currently serving soldiers and civilians in the following grades: PVT-SFC, 2LT-1LT, W1-W2, GS1-GS9. These lower rates is for 4 years at $40 only.
  • A 24-month regular term is $45, and a 36-month regular membership is a $60 value.
  • Lifetime Membership for under age 50 is $400 and over age 50 is $200, available with one-time or consecutive-payment options.

Weekly Newsletter with Multiview

This weekly eNewsletter covers weekly update about US Army Engineer Regiment, US Army Corps of Engineers and Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

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Castle Ball

AEA hosts the Engineer Castle Ball each August in the Washington DC area. This black tie event is the pinnacle of the USACE Recognition of Excellence awards program for the year and this year it coincides with the 247 years of the US Army Engineers.

Chapter Networking

Our 8 chapters located throughout the nation and offer members local networking opportunities. When you join AEA, you can benefit from many of the National Programs as well as collaborative programs with other organizations.

Discounts at the Engineer Regimental Store

individual members receive a 10% discount on all AEA merchandize at our store.

Army Engineer Magazine

We publish four times per year. We provide paper copies to Engineer Units BN and above. Individual members may subscribe to receive a paper copy. It is available digitally for all on this web site.

Industry Events

AEA’s Industry Day and Regimental Week connect Corps and industry decision makers. By attending, you will meet and hear from the movers and shakers in the field, and you will increase contact with peers from the public and private sectors.

Educational Support Program

We have two option. One is a STEM scholarship. The other accepts applications that are progress towards a certification or training in a technical skill or credentials.

Possible tax deduction

AEA is a 501(c)(3) organization. Payments may be deductible as charitable contributions (less the value of any goods or services received) or as business expenses. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the deductibility of your payment.

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