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This coming August we will celebrate the 150th Engineer Castle Ball in the Nation’s Capitol. In our history, the Regiment has moved 5 times: West Point, Willets Point, Washington Barracks, Camp Humphries/Fort Belvoir, and Fort Leonard Wood. Each move ascome about due to mission growth and changes for the Engineer Regiment. The ignificant change we are celebrating this year is the official addition of Public Buildings and grounds to the already existing civil works mission in our Regimental repertoire.

With the aid of the USACE history Dept, I learned so much about the last 150 years and how the Army Engineers helped shape a nation.

The early Nation’s Capital was laid out by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, a French architect, in grid and radial system. This system created several small parks, trapezoids and areas that had not been maintained or improved. While it did provide early versions of green space it also lacked a general infrastructure to support the city. Several ilitary engineers worked on specific projects in the

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