AEA recognizes the importance of rewarding hardworking Engineer Soldiers and their Spouses for going above and beyond in their Support of the Engineer Regiment

OCS Hall of Fame Program

The Engineer Officer Candidate School (OCS) Hall of Fame is in a quiet room on the second floor of the Engineer School complex, between Lincoln Hall and Clarke Library, at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The Plaques with the names of known qualified OCS graduates are complimented by donated mementos.

Awardees will receive the following:

  • Name on that years class mounted in Lincoln Hall

  • Recognition in AEA Magazine

  • Award Certificate


To be included in the Engineer OCS Hall of Fame, an individual must:


Be a graduate of Engineer OCS, or have been commissioned from another branch OCS program and then having served as an Engineer; plus

Be the recipient of the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross or the Silver Star, or have attained the rank of Colonel while serving with the Active, Reserve or National Guard component of the United States Army, or have achieved Senior Executive Service (SES) status while employed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or other U.S. Government Agency.


In addition to recognizing those OCS graduates who have achieved significant success in an Army career, the OCS Hall of Fame may also induct Engineer OCS graduates who have gone on to a career in private sector / civilian industry, and who have achieved a professional status in position equal to general officer rank in the military.

Submit a nominating letter, biography and portrait photo in uniform (if available). Letter should provide full qualification explanation, and when appropriate for clarification, be accompanied by copies of the qualifying documentation (orders or personnel records) to the Army Engineer Association office at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Personal information for the nominee should accompany the nominating letter so the individual may receive notice of acceptance and recognition. Applicant should include full name, mailing address and phone number and email address (if applicable).


During large-scale wartime mobilizations, engineer officers are in short supply. When a pressing demand for qualified officers to command and staff activating engineer units is more than the Army can provide, permission is granted to the Corps of Engineers to “grow their own” through the Officer Candidate Program system.

Most of these new officers were in-place and highly qualified enlisted combat and construction engineers already serving on active duty, in the Army National Guard or in the Army Reserve. Additional volunteers were selected from induction stations and various types of other units. Many had already received decorations for valor in combat.

The Engineer Officer Candidate School (OCS) commissioned more than 35,000 officers in support of three periods of this nation’s armed conflicts.

From initial activation in July 1941, until inactivation in December 1946, 23,000 officers were turned out during World War II. The first class graduated prior to the Japanese attach on Pearl Harbor and produced 67 new Engineer officers. Following formal declarations of war, class size grew significantly with graduates seeing action in all theaters of the war.

Following a few years of down time, the Korean War produced yet another requirement for more Engineer officers than were available from within the system. From September 1951 through July 1954, more than 2300 officers qualified for the Castles on their collars.

Once again, in September 1965, Engineer OCS was activated at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. From that time until final inactivation in 1971, more than 10,000 Engineer officers were commissioned to support operations in Vietnam and other worldwide requirements.

The Engineer OCS Hall of Fame was established next to the OCS Regimental Headquarters at Fort Belvoir in May 1970. The purpose of the Hall of Fame was to provide special recognition to those graduates who distinguished themselves, and to serve as an inspiration for all who serve. A plaque was unveiled for display, recognizing known qualified OCS graduates. The Engineer OCS Hall of Fame was closed when the OCS at Fort Belvoir inactivated.

On 7 December 1990, the Engineer OCS Hall of Fame was reestablished at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri at the United States Army Engineer School. A ceremony was conducted to honor those known OCS graduates at that time who had attained the standards set back in 1970. A second plaque listing known qualified OCS graduates was unveiled to compliment the original 1970 plaque.

Since 1991, the Army Engineer Association (AEA) has administered the Engineer OCS Hall of Fame program for the Engineer School and Regiment. The AEA provides an annual update plaque showing the names of the inductees who have been properly identified as having met the qualifications during the most recently completed calendar year.

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