What is the Friend of the Regiment Award?

The Army Engineer Association Friend of the Regiment award on a red and white ribbon in a red velvet box with the top of the box a white satin with a gold essayons emblem.
The Friend of the Regiment Award is a new medal awarded by the Army Engineer Association (AEA). The receipt of this award recognizes their tremendous sacrifice and support for Engineer Soldiers and Families through volunteerism, advocacy to the Regiment, and advancement of Key Engineer systems and priorities.


The Army Engineer Association’s (AEA) Friend of the Regiment Award is to recognize the highest level of personal service and contribution specifically to the Army Engineer Regiment, by a military or civilian person “as other than an Engineer Soldier, family member or Civilian “who do not meet the criteria for a De Fleury, Sapper and Miner Award of Distinction or Essayons Award” who voluntarily make or have made significant contributions over time to the morale, welfare, and success of Engineer Soldiers and Family members across several facets in the U.S. Army Engineer Regiment.

Award Presentation

The presentation of the Friend of the Regiment Award will be conducted during very special events such as formal dinners and similar affairs. It should be conducted in a similar fashion to military award presentations. It will be presented by the highest-ranking Engineer Officer or Command Sergeant Major. The Commandant, Assistant Commandant, Regimental WO or Regimental CSM USAES reserves the right to present the award in the USAES footprint. Requests for a non-Engineers to present the award must be sent to the Regimental leadership and to receive prior approval from USAES.

The winner will receive the following at the presentation.

  • A Friend of the Regiment Award Certificate.
  • A Friend of the Regiment Award Medal. The medal will have the winner’s last name engraved onto it.
The front and backsides of the Friend of the Regiment Award from the Army Engineer Association. The front features the regimental crest with "Friend of the Regiment on the outer ring" The back has a castle with 'Support. Personal Service, Sacrifice and Volunteerism" around the outer circle.

Friend of the Regiment Award Submission.

Submitting the Award

Please download, fill out, and have the Friend of the Regiment Award Form signed before submitting it to the following contacts at the Army Engineer Association for processing.

Award Submission Contacts/ Questions

Ms. Alice Malasig
[email protected]
Voice: 573.329.6678
CSM John H. Rather, USA (Ret)
[email protected]
Voice: 573.329.6678