Engineer Ceiling Tiles Celebrating our 250 Year History.

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri is the home of the U.S. Army Engineers. The Engineer Regiment will celebrate its 250th Birthday in June 2025. The Engineer Museum would like to tell the story of the U.S. Army Engineers, both military and civilian and our USACE Industry Partners who contributed to our Nation and our Army.

Where are the ceiling tiles being displayed?

The ceiling in the Essayons room in the museum is composed of a raised ceiling with 144 wooden tiles with each being 18 x 18 inches in size. 

We would like to mirror the concept of the USACE History Poster on the Essayons room at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. We would like to tell the store of the Engineer Soldiers, USACE, and Industry Partners and their accomplishments of the last 250 years of the U.S. Army Engineers. 

Looking up at a wooden ceiling tile with detailed wooden squares that are raised giving the ceiling a 3D affect.

What will be on the ceiling tiles?

Each ceiling tile would represent a significant mission, a tremendous accomplishment, or a tremendous sacrifice that represents a milestone in the history of the Engineers.

The tile would be engraved to capture that event and be supported by further explanation by the Engineer Museum to place the event in context.

For more information on the ceiling tile theme click here

A square piece of sheet metal etched with a design of a U.S. Army Engineer track vehicle raking through sand with a soldier standing out of the top.

Program Video.

For a full view of the tiles and the Essayons room, please watch the video below to take a virtual tour.

More Information.

For more information about the 250th birthday celebration ceiling tile program please click here

Ceiling tile sponsorship.

Sponsors can submit their own photos for placement on a tile.

Costs of tile sponsorship: The Army Engineer Association (AEA) is requesting $3000.00 per tile to cover the costs of the manufacturing the tiles and providing support to the research staff for developing the storyboards and context.

What the sponsor will receive: The sponsor for each tile will receive a copy of the tile and sponsor name placement on the tile. The sponsors tile will be 1/4in thick acrylic with holes in each corner and a mounting kit to hang on the wall.

What will be placed on the ceiling: The ceiling tile in the Essayons Room at the Engineer Museum at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri will be 1/8in thick and made of metal.

Ordering the ceiling tile.

Please contact CSM John H. Rather (Ret) for more information on ordering the ceiling tile. 

Questions about the ceiling tile program.

Please address all questions about the ceiling tile program to the following contact.

CSM John H. Rather, USA (Ret)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 573.329.6678