Limited Edition Print – Turning Point

Limited Edition Print – Turning Point


This is a limited-edition print available with only 1 copy remaining. Originally commissioned by the Army Engineer Association.

Dimensions (LxW) 35 in x 21 in

This print comes unframed.

Price is $370.00 with shipping included.

Image Description:

Stony Point, NY, Union Gen. Warren atop Little Round Top just as the Confederate forces of the Army of Northern Virginia were approaching. He recognized the importance of the undefended position on the left flank of the Union Army, and directing, on his own initiative, the brigade of Colonel Vincent to occupy it just minutes before it was attacked. Warren suffered a minor neck wound during the Confederate assault. His bravery helped save the Union left flank from certain defeat and later went on to be a ranking Corps Commander under Ulysses S. Grant in 1864.

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