The Army Engineer Association (AEA) is a member-based, non-profit corporation specifically organized to facilitate cohesion, interaction, and networking within the United States Army Corps of Engineers total family of soldiers, civilians, family members, and alumni. As such, AEA serves as both the honor fraternity and alumni association for the Army Engineer Regiment.

The Engineer Regiment is a component part of the total Army regimental system which was designed to perpetuate the history, honors, and traditions of all units and organizations assigned to a specific functional area. The Engineer Regiment includes those now serving, as well as veterans who served honorably for any length of time. By their dedicated service, each earned a distinct place within the Regiment, whether it be as a part of an Engineer troop unit or part of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) organization (District, Division, Laboratory, etc.)

AEA provides its members with an Army Engineer network for life. Why is this important? Army Engineers excel at completing complex and demanding missions in war and peace, always performed with uncommon dedication, ingenuity, and unsurpassed standards of excellence. All members of this network are thus inseparably linked for life by their service
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