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Guardians Title

Participation by AEA Members enables the execution of programs to support the Engineer Regiment

Many AEA programs are made possible only through annual tax exempt contributions from AEA members and friends. Each year beginning in the Fall, AEA sends out letters to each member, seeking participation as a Guardian of the Castle.

Members and non-members alike may make an online, secure tax exempt contribution by clicking HERE.

Participants are recognized each budget year, for the prior year, by name and category in the September-October issue of Army Engineer magazine, and certain donor categories (Silver and Gold) may be summarized on this web page (below) for the prior operating year.

Donation categories are as follows:

Castle Sentinel up to $50
Castle Crusader $50+
Castle Captain $200+
Castle Patriot $500+
Silver Patriot $1000+
Gold Patriot $5000+

Sapper Pin

Castle Patriot and above donors receive a special Revolutionery War Sapper Lapel Pin (above) with each annual donation.