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Rome Plow Operator in Vietnam

Army Engineer Veterans

The Army Engineer Association is the only organization serving as the rallying point for Army Engineers, past and present. What these individuals have accomplished, and the units in which they served, are very important in relation to the history and traditions of the United States Army.

Above photo is of a Rome Plow operator in Vietnam, clearing land with a dozer and executing one of the most dangerous and deadly missions then carried out by Army Engineers. (US Army photo)

For information about veteran unit reunions, click here.

Learn about AEA's Memorial Wall for Wounded and Fallen Engineers here.

Popular Downloads

The Evolution of Fort Leonard Wood from 1941 to 2010. Photographic essay that shows how much the "home" for Army Engineers has changed over the years.

The Inseparable Bonds of Engineer Service
Click here, for a 12-page PDF file to learn more about why being an Army Engineer veteran is so special.

Engineer OCS Graduates
Click here for a 8-page PDF file about Engineer OCS, Fort Belvoir, VA 1966-1967.

Engineer Equipment Development Over the Years
Click here for a first hand report written by a retired Army Combat Engineer, who went on to a very successful career with Caterpillar, Inc.

Women in Engineering
Click here to read about women who once served in the military as engineers, and who later went on to successful careers with industry...pathways opening for them by their excellence.

Locate a person or unit I served with - how to.

The Army Engineer Association does not have an archive, library or file on organizations or individuals, however we do maintain a listing of military and other units which have their own internet webpage. Look in Unit Links above in the site menu. If what you are interested in is not on that page, we offer other agencies as a possible source of information.

Office of History
US Army Corps of Engineers
Kingman Building Room 2B20
Telegraph Road
Alexandria VA 22315
Phone: 703-428-7553

US Army Military History Institute
Ashburn Drive
Carlisle PA 17013-5008
Phone: 717-245-3971