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Advertisements & Media Kit


The AEA limits the number of advertisements to be inserted in each issue of Army Engineer magazine, so as to provide more space for editorial content. Typically, each issue will contain less then fifteen ads. Most ads accepted are full, half-page in size, and pertain to companies with a direct commercial supporting role to any or all aspects of Army Engineering. Quarter page size ads are possible.

Many companies insert ads in multiple or all issues each year, and some consistently reserve the same premium space (inside front, inside rear and center spread) for those purposes. Ads are to look different enough from editorial pages that readers can tell the difference. To avoid confusion, any ad that looks enough like an editorial story or feature that it could be mistaken for, will be labeled Advertisement or Promotion at the top of each page in type as prominent normal body type.

Ad Placement

For other than premium space, the Editor inserts ads in locations which may complement the product or service of the advertiser. For example, an ad for an item of construction equipment might be placed near an article written (in general) about Army engineer construction missions. However, in no case will the editorial content of the article in this regard contain any reference to the product advertised on the adjacent page. Editorial content takes priority over ad placement, and ads will not be inserted in such a manner that disrupts easy editorial flow for the reader.

2011 Publishing Year

media kit 2011 Cover

Download the 2011 Ad Media kit PDF

Kit includes rate chart and techical specifications for advertisements, plus administrative policy. The Intent to Advertise Form serves to reserve space when submitted as noted on the form.

Download the 2011 Intent to Advertise Form

2011 Important Dates:

The primary focus areas for publication year 2011 magazine issues and important deadlines are as follows:

January-February. Installation management/environment

Close date for ads and articles is December 3, 2010.

March-April. Army Engineer force developments.

Close date for ads and articles is February 4, 2011.

May-June. Army Engineer veterans and associated programs.

Close date for ads and articles is April 1, 2011.

July-August. Army engineer education and training programs.

Close date for ads and articles is June 3, 2011.

September-October. Project and program management

Close date for ads and articles is August 5, 2011.

November-December. Army engineer history and traditions.

Close date for ads and articles is October 7, 2011.

NOTE: The Editor reserves the right to adjust the above issue themes, pending identification of more timely and relevant missions and developments as they occur throughout the publication year.