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About the AEA-Missions, Programs, Staff

The Army Engineer Association (AEA) is a member-based, nonprofit corporation specifically organized to facilitate cohesion, interaction and networking within the United States Army Corps of Engineers total family of Soldiers, Civilians, Family Members and Alumni. As such, AEA serves as both the Honor Fraternity and Alumni Association for the Army Engineer Regiment.

The Engineer Regiment is a component part of the total Army Regimental System which was designed to perpetuate the history, honors and traditions of all units and organizations assigned to a specific functional area. The Engineer Regiment includes those now serving, as well as veterans who served honorably for any length of time. By their dedicated service, each earned a distinct place within the Regiment, whether it be as a part of an Engineer troop unit or part of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) organization (District, Division, Laboratory, etc.)

AEA provides its members with an Army Engineer Network for Life. Why is this important? Army Engineers excel at completing complex and demanding missions in war and peace; always performed with uncommon dedication, ingenuity and unsurpassed standards of excellence. All members of this network are thus inseparably linked for life by their service. To help nurture and strengthen these common bonds, the AEA executes a wide range of supporting programs and services including:

Engineer Memorial Programs:

To honor the service of all who have served as a member of the Engineer Regiment, AEA largely funded the design and construction of the Engineer Memorial Grove and Sapper Memorial Statue at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, home for Army Engineers. AEA also designed and funded construction of the Memorial Stained Glass Window in the main building of the Army Engineer School there, citing the selfless service of specific individuals. In 2010, AEA will help facilitate construction of a new memorial at Fort Leonard Wood to honor all Fallen Engineer Soldiers from Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Support to Engineer Fallen and Wounded:

One of the highest priorities of the Army Engineer Association is to recognize all Army Engineers who have given their lives in the defense of the United States of America. Equally important is to recognize those Engineers who received wounds in combat resulting in the award of the Purple Heart. AEA also has programs to support family members of fallen and wounded. Click here to learn more about these important programs.

Army Engineer Magazine:

Published six times a year, this high quality magazine contains a variety of articles about Army Engineer people, functions, activities, units and organizations. Click here for information.

Recognition Awards:

The AEA sponsors several awards to recognize excellence by members of the Engineer Regiment...military and civilian. Click here for more.

Academic Scholarships:

The AEA sponsors three scholarship programs that total nearly twenty thousand dollars each year. Click here for more information.

Army Engineer Museum:

The AEA provides supplemental financial support to the Army Engineer Museum located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The museum houses a wealth of memorabilia and displays that depict the history of Army Engineers and their contribution to the defense and growth of the United States and its allies.

Industry Seminars and Conferences:

The AEA annually schedules and conducts numerous tightly focused and small group oriented seminars to help facilitate and foster closer coordination and cooperation between the Army Corps of Engineers and its support contractors. The AEA also sponsors and manages larger multi-day conferences with a wide range of attendees, most from within the joint military engineer family. Vendor participation is encouraged and is an important aspect of each conference. Details are periodically announced here.

Engineer OCS Hall of Fame:

Any graduate of Officer Candidate School (OCS) who attains the rank of Colonel or higher and served as an Engineer, or is awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross or Medal of Honor is eligible for induction into the Engineer OCS Hall of Fame. The AEA helps administer this program in coordination with the Army Engineer School. Obtain instructions for application as an inductee here.

Staff Contact Information

Mailing Addresses:

AEA National, PO Box 30260, Alexandria, VA 22310-8260

AEA Fort Leonard Wood, PO Box 634, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Executive Director:
Jack O'Neill, COL, USA (Ret)
Office: 703.428.6049
Fax: 703.428.6043

Information & Finance:
Dina Youtz
Office: 703.428.6953
Fax: 703.428.6043

Program Assistant:
Linda Mitchell
Office: 703.428.7084
Fax: 703.428.6043

Director, Fort Leonard Wood Operations:
Julius B. Nutter,CSM, USA (Ret)
Office: 573.329.6678

Assistant, Fort Leonard Wood Operations:
Kent Porter, 1SG, USA (Ret)
Voice/Fax: 573.329.6678

Regimental Store Manager:
Glenn Stines, CSM, USA (Ret)
Voice/Fax: 573.329.3203