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By March of 1867, Congress stepped in to fix the problem. Legislation signed by the President directed the Office of Public Buildings and Grounds be removed from the department of Interior and moved to the War Department under the Chief of Engineers.This move expanded the Engineer mission for just military construction in Washington DC to now include all government construction and maintenance. This required an engineer staff to manage the construction and maintenance, instead of individual project officers. This engineer staff would have the first Engineer Castle Ball in the ashington DC area, and we proudly carry on this tradition annually.

One of the common concerns I get from members of the regiment is about the lack of Engineer art, or more narrowly, new engineer art. While the start of USACE begins in 1867, you can see the preamble of this date in several areas and then the tasks completed since then and the leaders involved. We have a great story to tell about our Soldiers our leaders and the accomplishments. I thought that one of the best ways to celebrate the 150th Engineer Castle Ball is with a commemorative print. We will have a draft product available in February and the finished product in June for the 3 Aug Engineer Castle Ball in the Crystal City Hyatt hotel on 3 Aug. COL Michael Solovey, an active duty Special Forces Army Officer stationed in Europe, is the artist we have commissioned He is a pencil sketch artist, and there are numerous examples of his work on his website: https://www.soloveyart.com/soc.htm. The challenge of telling the engineer Story is that no one picture, or image captures the depth and breadth of the Engineer Regiment. He has done several of these collage type of prints that take the various elements of an organization or history and blends them together.

We will commission 500-750 numbered and signed prints that we will pre-sell through our online website. Themes chosen so

nominated for this artwork are as follows:

1. The Washington Aqueduct system for drinking water and fire protection
2. Several Bridges in the Area
3. Capitol Expansion
4. Pentagon
5. Washington Monument
6. Lincoln Memorial
7. Tidal basin dredging and flood plain management (Potomac River)
8. Gen Montgomery Meigs
9. Survey and Topographic
10. Smithsonian Museums
11. Washington Parks and the Mall
12. Flood Control and power generation
13. Divers

We will post the initial concept sketch on line in February and start presale of the print as we work forward to the 3 Aug 2018 Engineer Castle Ball.

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