Position title
Design Management Architect/Engineer GS-08xx

Provide services for MSCoE to execute its mission to advance Terrain Shaping Obstacles (TSO) capabilities supporting the Army of 2025 and beyond. Contractor shall perform tasks and produce products that are associated with Combat and Training Developments. Contractor shall review, conduct literature review, analyze, provide supporting documents, make recommendations, and provide written assessments on TSO materiel and non-materiel processes, concepts and strategies, TSO related documents, and TSO doctrine. Contractor shall review, construct, revise, and staff common Joint Capabilities Integration and Developments System (JCIDS) and Training Development Products. Among the products will include Capability Development Documents (CDD), Capability Production Documents (CPD), and System Training Strategy Plans (STRAP) that will support the family of TSO capabilities in the “close,” “mid” and “deep” battlefield framework envisaged by current and evolving doctrine. Contractor should have a sound understanding of Terrain shaping concepts and shall familiarize themselves with the TSO Branch mission and responsibilities, processes, as well as those of other organizations within the TSO, its subordinate relationship to the TRADOC Capability Manager-Maneuver Support (TCM-MS), the Capabilities Directorate Background in estimating, analysis of cost products, and experience negotiating and using MII is preferred.


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Position: Design Management Architect/Engineer GS-08xx

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Job Location
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Date posted
September 3, 2019
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